The Ossola valleys

The VCO Province which stretches from Lake Maggiore to the alpine spurs of Monte Rosa, 4637  metre high, is a vast territory which offers a great variety of landscapes and natural surroundings. Here there are numerous Natural Parks and Reserves such as Val Grande National Park and Veglia Devero Natural Park. It is a land of lakes and mountains where there are open landscapes with steep rock wall faces, woods, ravines, natural lakes and reservoirs. Ossola Valley is the main framework along which the Toce River flows and which is made up of seven valleys, each one different from the others but all of great naturalistic, historical and artistic interest: Anzasca Valley with the impressive face of Monte Rosa, Antrona Valley, wild and rich in traditions, Bognanco Valley famous for its precious waters, Divedro Valley, connected with the history of the Simplon Pass, Antigorio and Formazza Valleys, lands of excursionism in the Lepontines, Isorno Valley hidden and unknown, Vigezzo Valley, of painters and chimney-sweeps. They are valleys to be discovered, where there are relatively few tourists, authentic, rich in evidence of the remote past, history and wild nature.

Like all mountain valleys even the valleys in Ossola have witnessed depopulation. Very few now carry on with work in the fields, cattle breeding and sheep-rearing but in spite of this, traditions are still very much alive and it is still possibile to discover ancient settlements, witnessing how man has had to struggle to live off the land. Nowadays new ways of economy are being created which support the presence of humans on the territory through exploiting agricultural and crafts-making activity which yield products in limited quantity but of great quality and of traditional value.



Associazione per il Turismo Sostenibile

nelle Alpi dell’Ossola a due passi dal Lago Maggiore

sede presso Centro Visite del Parco Naturale Veglia Devero Antrona, in località Bagni a Crodo (VB)

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