Parkè is an association composed of tour operators from the Piedmont province of the VCO in the Ossola Alps, a stone’s throw from Lake Maggiore.

Established in the first months of 2012 from a project of the Veglia Natural Park, Devero, Antrona, which has been joined by managers of accommodation facilities and professionals working in parks and in the magnificent natural areas of this Alpine area, intends to promote and support development of sustainable tourism.

Through the sharing of the principles of sustainability, protection of the territory, enhancement of the historical and cultural heritage and in support of agricultural and pastoral activities, a large group of shelter managers, small hotels, bed and breakfasts, mountain guides, nature guides and tourist guides they have joined together to satisfy in synergy that demand for conscious and responsible tourism in continuous growth in our valleys.

The ethical and practical commitment of the subjects involved in this process, which has as its horizon a new way of understanding tourism development in respect of the environment and traditional activities, is signed by all the members of the association in its statute.